Star Field, première mise en ligne par CaptureVision.

New set on Flickr and Vimeo.


FloralSurface, première mise en ligne par CaptureVision.

My new flickr set with surfaces.

I am currently working on maths surfaces with proce55ing. The galleries show my current progress in rendering parametric surfaces.

This is the first "Surfaces" series video.

Deformed Sphere from Sebastien Parodi on Vimeo.

SurfaceWorks, première mise en ligne par CaptureVision.

Working on the concept of surfaces with processing and eskimoblood's surfacelib.
See the other pictures here at Flickr :

RedCross, première mise en ligne par CaptureVision.

I am trying to set up a distributed render farm with Sunflow. Early tests on flickr.

One of my favorites : Tags: ,,,

Here is one of the preliminary works to create MagnetoSphere It seems to use surfaceLib. Looks so organic !

A complete list of Flight404 videos can be seen on their Vimeo page and it practically shows the roadmap to get to cool project like "Magnetic Ink", "Solar", or again "MagnetoSphere"!

And this video and article reveal a little bit of what is going on underneath..
Another step in the process is shown here :

PicLens is an incredible add-on for FireFox and IE that lets you browse photos and movies in a really fast way, showing a sliding wall of previews (really fast loading by the way) as shown in the image below :


You can find in there : PicLens | Immersive Views Across the Web

Highly recommended. Tags: , , , ,

Inigo Quilez seems really good at real-time programming.


Realtime Cube Experiments from Inigo Quilez on Vimeo. Tags: , , , ,